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Load image into Gallery viewer, Achielle Odette E-Bike
Load image into Gallery viewer, Achielle Odette E-Bike
Load image into Gallery viewer, Achielle Odette E-Bike
Load image into Gallery viewer, Achielle Odette E-Bike
Load image into Gallery viewer, Achielle Odette E-Bike


Achielle Odette E-Bike

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But that it can also be beautiful and elegant is often forgotten.
Odette is a very high-quality bicycle with the typical Achielle appearance.
Do you want to go to the store quickly, have a drink on a terrace on Sunday or are you too quick to deal with traffic jams on your way to work? With this e-bike it is all possible. And you don't have to make a very strenuous effort, you arrive at your destination not sweaty and you don't have to worry about a parking space.
Shimano's ingenious system provides natural support and makes operation simple and intuitive. Cycling has never been so pleasant and easy.

The structure
When designing and constructing our electric range, we looked for the best. That's why we started with the Shimano Steps Mid Motor.
We did not opt ​​for the easy way but decided to design, test and build the frame completely ourselves. This allowed us to build it completely to our own liking.
For the construction, we have opted for maintenance-friendly and solid parts. In addition to the Steps system, shifting is done electronically and automatically via Di2 (always the right gear). The 8 gears are also from Shimano and come from the Alfine series. These Alfine gears are specially designed for heavy loads and user-friendly use.
Driving smoothly is important, but being able to stop well is just as important. That is why our Steps e-bikes are always equipped with hydraulic disc brakes. These provide constant and firm braking power.
The rest of the structure is almost entirely up to you. Different frames are possible, more than 10 colors, you choose the mudguards, the carrier, chain guard, tires, ... and for the battery you can choose a matching leather cover. You can also determine the lighting yourself. There is the e-bike lighting from AXA or you opt for the super-deluxe lighting from Supernova (incredible light output).
The combination of the handlebar and saddle makes it possible to achieve a sporty sitting position as well as a more upright, comfortable sitting position.
As standard, all our Steps ebikes are equipped with an extra wide, double kickstand that narrows for your comfort when folding.

The system
We were looking for a high-quality system for our line of electric bicycles, and we quickly came across Shimano's Steps system.
Shimano Steps is a complete system that is mounted on the frame (mid-motor).
By integrating the drive unit near the bottom bracket, the weight is placed low in the frame. This makes the e-bike more manageable.
The main electronics are built into the drive unit, ensuring a reliable and weather-resistant system.
Shimano steps is a lightweight system with a powerful lithium-ion battery and an intelligent battery management system.
The Steps system is combined with the internal Di2 hub gear, an electronic circuit that is perfectly integrated into the drive unit. So you don't shift by moving a rotor or lever, but this happens electronically by pressing a button.
The system also shifts fully automatically, depending on your speed and the applied force, it selects the right gear.
By briefly reducing the power during gear changes, the transition from one gear to another is amazingly smooth.
Only Shimano has that knowledge of the electric drive unit plus the gear components. Only Shimano can realize this integration. And that makes a big difference to the rider.

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