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Basil - Baseasy (BE) Stem Holder

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The Basil BasEasy Stem Holder is a black stem holder for stems of 22-25.4 mm. The system is suitable for handlebar bags and bicycle baskets that are equipped with a BasEasy (BE) or BE/KF adapter plate. You can recognise these bags and baskets by the abbreviation BE or BE/KF in their name. The holder is easily and quickly attached to the stem of your bike. The system is made of steel and TÜV approved. 


  • Basil Baseasy Stem Holder is a handy black stem holder. 
  • For removable handlebar bags and bicycle baskets with a pre-assembled BasEasy adapter plate or BE/KF adapter plate. 
  • It is TÜV approved and easy and quick to mount on your bike. 


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