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Basil - Bremen Alloy (BE/KF) LED Basket

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The Basil Bremen BE/KF Nordlicht is a trendy matt black basket made of durable mesh. This basket has a pre-assembled BasEasy/KF (BE/KF) adapter plate. Thanks to the adapter plate, the basket is suitable for BasEasy and KF systems (sold separately). Basil has the following systems in its collection, which you can combine with Bremen BE/KF Nordlicht bicycle basket:

  • Basil KF Handlebar Holder - handlebar holder
  • Basil BasEasy Stem Holder - stem holder
  • Basil BasEasy Luxe Stem Holder - handlebar stem holder

You are clearly visible at all times with this stylish basket. Even in the dark, you’re easy to spot, as the basket is equipped with LED lighting (Nordlicht Technology)*. This is not intended to replace your regular lighting, but helps promote enhanced visibility. This basket, made of aluminium mesh, is also detachable and therefore easy to take to the supermarket or local weekly market. You can also count on maximum comfort, thanks to the soft grip handle.

Do you want to combine the front basket with a back basket? You can! You’ll also find a model designed for attachment to your luggage carrier in the same colour and material: Basil Cento Alu Multi system Nordlicht bicycle basket


  • Includes LED lighting, so you are more visible in the dark. 
  • Perfectly suitable for e-bikes, in combination with a Basil handlebar holder!
  • System needs to be purchased separately.
  • Height adjustable, so you can adjust the basket to the desired height for your handlebars. 
  • Detachable and therefore convenient and easy to take into the supermarket. 



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