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Campagnolo Ultra Torque Bottom Bracket Cups & Parts

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Uniquely compatible with all the frames on the market. Thanks to Campagnolo’s commitment to offer solutions for all of our clients, no matter the fame or model they choose to ride, Campagnolo® cranksets can be mounted on any frame available. Campagnolo®
cranksets are perfectly compatible with Italian, English, BB30, BB90, 86.5x41 and BBRight standards.

This enables us to maintain celebrated benefits such as rigidity, lightness and performance in keeping with the typical timing results measured by Campagnolo‘s crank sets. 

This solution offers many advantages, one of which is the ability to change frames without having to purchase a new crankset. This allows Campagnolo® to maintain the tried, tested and proven geometries and designs of the Ultra-TorqueTM crankset without having to modify the crankset itself for the wide array of standards available currently.

Campagnolo’s integrated cups, available for Ultra-TorqueTM cranksets as well as the Power-Torque System and Over-Torque TechnologyTM, have the same functionality as other systems but with the added technical advantage of maintaining the widest stance possible for the bearings. This reduces lateral forces acting on the bearings and makes for a smoother and more reactive performance that is more durable over time.

Please Note: ** EPS Cups will work with both EPS & Mechanical Groupsets***