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Ergon GFR1 Factory

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Ergon GFR1

The world-class gravity grip featuring the factory compound was exactly what Tahnée Seagrave and her teammates from Canyon [CLLCTV] FMD Racing requested. Working together, the Ergon developers delivered the ultimate gravity grip with the GFR1 Factory. The grip’s features include specific textured siping on the top, added grip zone on the bottom and the factory rubber compound for maximal damping and control through the most demanding tracks. Available in the oil slick version as a FMD Racing Edition.

Slimly formed, maximum damping - Ergon developers work closely with athletes and teams. This is the only way to produce the most efficient products that can meet the highest demands. The GFR1 Factory evolved through close teamwork with top professional downhill riders. One of the most notable features from this relationship is the grips slim design for maximum feedback yet still highly damping as a result of the specific textured siping along the gripping surface area.

Ideal hand position thanks to inner stopThe inner stop of the GFR1 Factory provides direct orientation for fast maneuvers, jumps or tricks. This provides an additional safety feature keeping your hand in the optimum position and ensuring that you can operate the controls at all times.

Reduced effortPulling up the front wheel of your bike costs valuable energy every time. In order to minimize the gripping forces, the GFR1 Factory has a particularly strong lower grip zone for the fingers.

Best quality made in GermanyA special feature of the GFR1 Factory is the unique rubber compound „Factory Custom Rubber“ developed and manufactured in Germany featuring maximal grip and rebound properties. The material meets the highest standards of purity, is TÜV-certified, durable and unique in the world of bicycle grips. The grip feel is soft yet defined and precise. Ergon’s core values of ergonomics, product design and engineering all happen in Germany.

Precise durabilityA grip is always subject to wear and tear, especially in tough MTB terrain. With the Ergon-exclusive „Factory Custom Rubber“ material, the surface structure remains precise and especially grippy for a longer durations of time than a standard rubber.

One screw – more safetyThe strong aluminum inner clamp prevents the GFR1 Factory from twisting on the carbon handlebars. This secure clamping allows for even more safety on the bike!

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