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Fast Blast Degreaser 500ml

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Short on time? Use Fast Blast Degreaser to remove the grime!

Fenwicks Fast Blast Degreaser Is a real quick and easy way to remove the gunk build up on your cassette, it's solvent based so will act instantly at removing dirt and grime. The high powered aerosol will help blast away the dirt from the chain, cassette, mechs and chain rings. Can be sprayed directly on to the chain, cassette, mechs and chain rings. Wash off with water to leave a clean contaminant-free drive train. This product is not for use on any others parts of your bike.

How to use Fast Blast Degreaser

For use only in open well ventilated areas. Shake can before use.

Step 1: Initially spray from a distance of 15cm to wet down the surface to be cleaned.
Step 2: Leave to soak for 20 seconds.
Step 3: After surfaces have been wetted, blast away contaminants by moving the aerosol closer and using prolonged bursts. Catch residue with an absorbent cloth. 
Step 4: Watch the dirt run off, spray again until cassette, chain and mechs are completely free of dirt. 

After clean care: Relube with any Fenwicks chain lube.

Handy hints

May also be washed off with water.

As a solvent based degreaser Fenwicks Fast Blast Degreaser Should only be used to clean your cassette, chain, chain rings and mechs.

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