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Eagle AXS XX1 Groupset
Eagle AXS Rainbow Chain
Eagle AXS XG 1299 Cassette Rainbow
Eagle AXS XX1 Cranklset
Eagle AXS XX1 RD
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SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS Groupset

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XC spec and ready for the trail. XX1 Eagle AXS™ utilizes the proven backbone of SRAM 1x™. With the lightest weight materials and a 500-percent gear range. More secure and longer wearing X-SYNC™2 chainring. The pinnacle of performance, paired with the connected components of Eagle AXS™


Technology For Simplicity.

At a glance, Eagle AXS™ brings the real benefits of wireless electronic shifting to the mountain bike. On a deeper level, it offers discerning riders unprecedented personalization and control of the drivetrain. On the bike and off. Deepening the relationship between machine and rider. This addition to the Eagle™ ecosystem enhances capability. Removes complexity. And provides riders an experience like never before imagined

A Bit About The Battery

Yes, Eagle AXS™ uses a battery. One that is removable for easy recharging after 20 hours of ride time. One that only weighs 25g and is detachable with a single clip. One that is “hot swappable” if needed— from derailleur to your Reverb AXS™ seatpost or even your SRAM RED or Force eTap AXS™ road group. And it only takes an hour to charge

Know Before You Go.

Checking battery life is easy: Press the button on the derailleur. Green light means it’s at or close to full charge. Red light means it’s at or close to half charge. And flashing red means charge it up. Or throw on another, because keeping an extra is easy and realistic. To prolong battery life, the system goes to power save mode when the bike is stationery



More than a mechanical derailleur with a battery and a motor bolted on, the Eagle AXS™ derailleur is the brain of the whole AXS™ system. Trim it at set-up for zero rub, making the near-silent operation of Eagle™ even more stealth—all while improving drivetrain longevity.

It features a shorter cage for 10mm more ground clearance, with more chain wrap on the cassette to sit slightly further forward, and further inboard from mechanical Eagle™



No cable, housing or wires to manage opened up design and engineering possibilities with the Eagle AXS™ controller. Helping us pioneer a completely new shifting experience with new ergonomic touchpoints that take just enough effort to press.

Touchpoints that are totally customizable to your preferences, allowing you to choose which button does what through the AXS™ app. Choose from three functions: Inboard shift. Outboard shift. Dropper. Use one of the touchpoints to control your electronic Reverb AXS™ dropper seatpost. And the power save mode in the controller wakes up after a single touch to save battery when not in use.


Grouset Includes

  • XX1 Eagle™ DUB™ SL Crankset  ** (34T BOOST SRAM X-SYNC™ Direct Mount Chain Ring included - additional chainring sizes can be purchased
  • XX1 Eagle™ AXS Rear Derailleur
  • XX1 Eagle™ AXS Controller
  • XX1 Eagle™ Chain Rainbow
  • XG-1299 Eagle™ Cassette Rainbow (12-speed)
  • Charger/Cord, Chaingap Gauge)


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