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Vittoria e-Bike certified tyres

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The following Vittoria tyres are ECE-R75 certified for e-Bike use. Please refer to individual listings for more detail on each model.

  • Save energy with Vittoria e-bike tyres

The choice of tyres for an electric bike is very important in order to ensure the ideal performance of any e-bike model: from an electric city bike to an electric mountain bike or electric racing bike. This is because electric bikes have to support the additional weight of the motor compared to traditional bikes. Movement dynamics are different and the average speed is higher because the power and torque produced by the drive wheel are more intense and higher. Vittoria e-bike tyres are made with compounds capable of decreasing battery consumption by favoring wheel rotation.

  • The differences between e-bike tyres and traditional tyres

Another difference between electric bikes and traditional bikes is tyre wear: the engine discharges more power to the tyres which, consequently, tend to wear out more quickly. For this very reason, tyres for e-bikes and electric mtb must be resistant to wear, and ensure greater safety and better performance on any type of road or terrain. On the other hand, compared to traditional bikes, e-bike tyres are more resistant to punctures and guarantee greater acceleration and better braking.

  • Choosing tyres for an e-bike

Taking into account the fact that an electric mtb can weigh between 22 and 25kg and generate torque up to 75 newton meters, the ideal sizes are 29'' e-bike tyres for the front and 27.5'' tyres for the rear wheel. For various technical reasons, the different tyre sizes ensure better performance when riding an e-bike. The 29-inch front tyre, in fact, offers better control and greater smoothness than the smaller one, as it has a more open tread and the knobs act with greater energy ensuring better grip and traction.

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